Saturday, April 30, 2005

I gotta move to Canada!

Canada is giving away free crack pipes!

Now, that's a frozen socialist wasteland I could live with!

HT: Alarming News.


hooey said...

Nice blog, Ellis. I, too, have a blog; a very progressive one.


First of all, it is quite interesting that you should find a simple spelling mistake so disrespecting. Humans do err. If we didn't, we may just call ourselves G-ds.

As an American living in Canada, I also take objection to you name calling of Canada as a "frozen socialist wasteland." Have you even been to Canada?

In this country, guns kill far fewer innocent people than in America. Also, Canadians have universal healthcare. Is it a bad thing that all people are afforded high-quality healthcare?!

America is a great country, don't get me wrong. I grew up in the U.S., lived there for 32 years and I call it my home. But it does have its problems and we should be critical.

Consider the U.S. "War on Drugs" approach, which has been a failure. Only time will tell if the Canadian approach will be effective in dealing with hard drugs, but at least Canada is not stuck in the Reagan Rut, as with the 1980s War on Drugs that criminalizes and dissuades good people from getting help.

In Vancouver, the use of a safe-injection house has saved hundreds of heroin addict’s lives. While some may argue that it encourages drug use, it also gives the opportunity to help those in need by preventing overdoses of an unregulated high. Addicts are offered counseling and other forms of assistance. This extends life. This gives hope to those that have little.

Also, socialist? I don't think so. I can buy anything you can in this free market economy . . . yes, even a hunting rifle.

Frozen? Much of it yes, but in Vancouver and coastal B.C., the answer is emphatically NO! It is on the Pacific are rarely gets snow.



Sorry about getting all defensive with Canada, but sometimes it seems so easy for some Americans to defame their important northernly neighbors without regard to looking within themselves. You seem with it but it is hard to follow the digital sarcasm.

Anyway, I agree with the poor seals. It is bloody wrong; I've seen the pictures. Like I said, there is not one nation that has really "figured it out." Still, I find Canada has a reasonably good balance . . . better than most I'd say. While they do have socialist-leaning medicine it is not outright socialist up here. And really, what is wrong with some socialism? The point is, a market based economy, the one the U.S. leadership has embraced does not, or ever will, treat ALL citizens with respect. Reagan's trickle down economic policy was a sham, and Bush recently revoked certain Medicare/Medicaid benefits. There will always be those at the top and bottom without some level of socialism to boost the not-so-well-off.

Regarding healthcare, it seems that no country except for maybe the Nordic ones, have figured out how to pay for the expensive healthcare, but they are also wealthy. It is sick though that the U.S., the wealthiest of them all, cannot find a way to pay for medicine and education for its children and elderly (50% of the GDP goes towards defense, Costa Rica has a higher literacy rate than the U.S., and folks are buying their meds from Canada) -- I mean really!

Take care. Going out to get some good Canadian beer and some seal jerky.