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Sunday, May 15, 2005

I hope this is true

The Newshounds show a transcript of an anti-abortion activist on the Alan Colmes show admitting that he screwed a mule.

I really hope this is true. But the Newshounds have been caught lying about quotes on Fox hundreds of times. In fact, Johnny Dollar has made a whole career out of correcting Newshounds' errors and lies.

I'll assume from Johnny Dollar's silence on the issue that the story is correct. Even better, the guy's name is Horsley!

That said, though, Colmes is stealing a page from Howard Stern. Stern has some great interviews with a KKK guy called Daniel Carver. The interviews are hilarious because Carver is both dumb and shockingly racist. Colmes is trying to smear anti-abortion activists by highlighting the odd mule-fucker among them. But that's not any more fair than it would be to smear distinguished KKK leaders like Robert Byrd by associating them with Daniel Carver.

UPDATE: It's legit! Colmes has audio archives to prove it. The guy admitted to screwing mules on a national radio program.