Sunday, July 19, 2009


What would Jesus carry?

What type of heat would he pack? I'm leaning toward an AR-15. Maybe that's just my bias because it's my favorite gun that I own, but it also has quality, precision, and elegance. Jesus wouldn't be caught dead holding no sloppy Russkie AK-47, I guarantee you that.


Anonymous said...

.44 mag, S&W Mod 629. If its good enough for Dirty Harry, its good enough for Jesus

Lord Whorfin

AST said...

He doesn't need human weapons. That's why I keep saying that Muslims who think God wants them to kill non-Muslims (and even other Muslims they don't agree with) must think he's pretty weak. He's also got hosts, as in armies of angels, including the Four Horsemen.

Read your Bible, dudes. The Second Coming won't be anything like the first one.

comatus said...

I have nothing against the Dirty Harry Special, but just presume Jesus would get something from his Dad's gunsmith, J.Moses Browning. Family tradition, and all that.

"From my cold, nailed hands..."